Economic development is proceeding rapidly throughout the Balkans, opportunities for investment are everywhere, and Macedonia EU aspirant - is no exception. Why not learn the language of Macedonia - in the heart of the Balkans? Macedonian is also one of the most widely...                                                    more...
Study in Macedonia

Every year, Macedonia's national university - Sts Kiril & Metodij - organises a 3-week seminar on Macedonian language, literature and culture at the picturesque and historic lakeside city of Ohrid (a World Heritage listed historic town). The seminar attracts scholars and students of Macedonian from around the world. You too can participate at this seminar. Click here for further information


Students can enrol and study from anywhere in Australia, as the units are offered via correspondence. The nature of your enrolment is also flexible and open to all adults who wish to study Macedonian, you do not have to be a university student to enrol.

Macedonian at Macquarie can be studied (i) as part of a Macquarie University degree (ii) as part of a Diploma or Certificate in Languages (iii) as part of a degree at any other Australian university (cross-institution), and (iv) as a single unit of study. See here ( for further information. If you are interested in studying Macedonian, then a form of enrolment exists to suit your needs.

Please click here to see a full list of subjects offered.

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